Power (of the web) to the people

May 2, 2013 by Lauren Designs, full blog here.

We have reached the point when the tools on the web make the web accessible to everyone. A web user with very little technical knowledge can build a logo, a website, and now even apps using online builders. Business cards are created in an afternoon and sent for print without needing a design professional. Of course designers are still important, they make things look good and make sense. The point of marketing after all is not to please yourself but to entice the viewers. Any serious business venture needs to know their marketing investment is going to bring some return. The most recent field in design shows the importance of these last two points. A user experience designer, or UX designer will make sure the site or app you build is functional, hits the target audience appeal, and does not frustrate the user. The whole point is the positive experience leading up the shopping cart, or the membership, or the sheer pleasure and therefore the return visit to your online presence. This equals profit and growth for any business. But not every website or app is about business. … more.



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